Reasons to Hate Social Media….But Wait!

We at Communication Concierge have a love/hate relationship with social media.  We know we need to use it, but we really are not thrilled about it.

Have you ever read the Terms of Service for these sites?

Here are some things we’ve found

  • Most of these Terms of Service are written in legalese – it’s nearly impossible to understand what you are giving up in order to join a social media site.
  • They are long and daunting so most of us will never read them thoroughly.
  • Most social media sites state that the content you post belongs to them.  Yet they are quick to sell you out if they are subpoenaed.  So if they own the content, why do they not own the liability?
  • They use your personal information to feed you advertising that pays for the sites and keeps them free.
  • They may sell your information to advertisers, app developers, etc.  (And the reality is, they  don’t do quality control when they sell – they sell to the highest bidder)
  • Forget privacy – whether you like it or not, the information you post is out there for others to find – even others you don’t want finding it.

Is it any wonder that in one recent survey only 13% of people said they completely trust Facebook.  So why do we still use these sites?  Because there is no option for a site that will protect us.

Until Now

A game changer has just joined the social media storm.

Simplify your online life with privacy you trust

Right up front this site is different.  At the bottom of their home page is a seal image labeled “Privacy Bill of Rights”.  Click on it and you led to a simple bullet pointed list that tells you what Sgrouples is about.  Their Terms of Service and Privacy policies are equally easy to read.

On the Inside

When you sign up for Sgrouples (and it’s very easy to do so) you will find an easy to use interface that consists of four tabs – Groups, Connections, My Cloud and World View.

  • Groups – this is where you can create groups.  These can be any type of group you want – family, friends, co-workers, work collaborators, etc.  Each group is independent of the others and what you share in one is never shared with the others unless you choose to do so.
  • Connections – you have the option of connecting to Twitter and Facebook.  They are working on adding links to other social media sites as well.  You can connect and see or post to your social media sites from within Sgrouples….you can also choose what material is fed to these sites very easily.
  • My Cloud – this is your home page.  It shows private, shared or all information organized into boxes to make it easy to find what you are looking for.
  • World View – this shows all of your feeds from Twitter and Facebook as well as “What’s New” that shows you all recent activity on your groups.

Depending on what tab you are viewing, there is a navigation bar on the left offering various options.  There is also the traditional status post box at the top that offers many of the options you are familiar with – share, photos, links, etc.  However, this status box is very different.

You post material in the normal way but where it goes is different.  Your groups will all be available as individual options, you can privately share it with an individual member of your network and you can choose to share it on your connected networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Groups have very simple permission controls.  Depending on what the group owner chooses, people can post, comment, invite others or share content.  You can prevent people sharing information outside of the group if you would like to.    Groups have their own email address so if you want to send email to the group you can easily do so.

All in all, the site is feature rich and growing.  It’s easy to use and fairly intuitive.  But the real beauty of the site lies in the fact that you own your content and you have simple, complete control over it.

Take a look at  We think you’ll like what you see.

Privacy Bill of Rights

You can trust Sgrouples to protect your privacy.

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